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Your message has a living pulse! As part of the Vibrant Living Team, you'll harness your own Unscripted Power, and discover how to communicate through creative connection using your authentic voice, presence, and passion!


Are you ready to move beyond traditional marketing into a place where competition is obsolete? Do you want to take your platform to the next level as a Media Expert, keynote speaker, or author? Are you longing to share your personal passion with a team of peers who understand and support your vision?

Then it’s time to stop marketing, and start CONNECTING!

The Vibrant Living Team is a coalition of conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, visionaries, and change agents from across the United States and the world. Masterminded by Glenn Brooks, this “blue ocean,” small-group experience is designed to help you hone your authentic vision, discover creative new ways to communicate your personal message, and connect with other visionaries in a supportive, non-competitive environment.
The Team experience is designed to take you beyond solo entrepreneurship and personal power into a new dynamic of teamwork and relational power.  Vibrant Living Team members tune in to each other’s talents and help bring them forward onto the world stage. This collaborative experience of creative energy produces dynamic results unlike anything you've seen before.

Working with the Vibrant Living Team isn't like being in a classroom; it’s more like going to a dojo to learn Qigong, or an ashram to learn Yoga; you'll learn the arts of relational power, clear communication, and media expertise by engaging in them directly! In our Team sessions, you’ll cultivate your message through dialogue, get constructive feedback from Glenn, Michael, and other Team members, and hone your communication skills by engaging with other passionate people!

Discover How to Deliver Your Message with Unscripted Power

Your message has a living pulse. When delivered in a clear, authentic way, it has the power to ignite everyone it touches.  However, if you’re not sure how to communicate your message effectively, you can end up feeling frustrated and alienated instead of vibrant and connected.
One of the most amazing benefits of joining the Vibrant Living Team is unparalleled access to professionals (including Glenn Brooks and Michael Russ) who joyfully share their vast experience in the fields of broadcast radio, public speaking and presenting, coaching, publishing, and creative media, to name a few.  Unscripted Power is a unique method of communicating which allows you to be spontaneous, precise — and, most of all, genuine. It’s the missing ingredient that sells books, fills seminars, and keeps clients coming back for more.

What You’ll Get When You Join the Team

You can hire a publicist, agent, or manager... Or you can join the Vibrant Living Team!

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional publicist, you can dive into a hands-on, fully participatory experience with the Vibrant Living Team. With connections in media outlets around the world, Glenn Brooks and other Team members use their insider knowledge to help you build a media platform that will not only get you noticed, but fully support your authentic vision.

Here's what your Team experience will deliver:

  • Relational Experience: No life experience is a more powerful teacher than relationship. A top priority of the Vibrant Living Team is to help members develop “Relational Intelligence” and cultivate a communication style that activates, engages, and excites everyone you meet. Each Team member also brings his or her knowledge, contacts, and experience to the table in our unique mastermind format, which creates a pool of resources everyone can draw from.
  • Community: Feelings of isolation, fear, and overwhelm are daily companions for many entrepreneurs. You’ll discover what it means to do business at the speed of trust, how to work from a place of abundance, and how the support of a “blue ocean” community can change your perception of what’s possible!

  • Media Experience: The Team will help you develop your media platform in multiple areas so your message reaches a wider, more diverse audience. You'll hone your message live on the air with Glenn through journey demonstrations on Vibrant Living Radio, and learn the difference between being a true media expert and simply being a guest. 

    On-Air Experience: Voice your vision on the air with Glenn! That’s real, live broadcast radio - on U-92.3 FM in the Bay Area, and around the world via internet stream and podcasts! These appearances aren't interviews, but journey demonstrations, and are designed to dive beyond the surface to the heart of your personal message, and help you develop products and seminars right on the air!

  • Speaking/Presenting Experience: When you join the Team, you’ll automatically become a member of Vibrant Speakers, which gives you the power to share your message in the flesh at conferences and events across the nation. 
  • Publishing Experience: Nothing says “I know my stuff” like a well-written book! All Team members have access to the resources of Vibrant Publishing. We’ll help you conceptualize and structure the book you’ve always wanted to write, and introduce you to contributing writers who can assist you in developing your manuscript or book proposal. Plus, Glenn will work with you on the air and over the phone to show you how to apply your new-found knowledge!

What You'll Contribute to the Team:

There’s no more powerful force in life and business than relationship!

In addition to learning from Glenn and the rest of the Vibrant Living Team, you’ll support other team members in a non-competitive, encouraging environment, share your unique experiences, and  go beyond networking to discover the joys of resource sharing.

Because the Vibrant Living Team is designed to help each participant step fully into his or her vision and message, Team size is limited to 15 people. This small group format ensures that you will be able to share your voice and vision fully, and work closely with every member of the Team.


Join the Vibrant Living Team!

We are creating a new world through Relational Power! If you’re interested in participating in this groundbreaking team experience, call Glenn Brooks today at 413-586-5898, or use this link!