Glenn Brooks and the Vibrant Living Connections


Your life is precious. Enjoy it!


Glenn Brooks is an innovator of interpersonal transformational coaching. Before Life Coaches existed, he was offing his services as a Life Enrichment Consultant. Glenn describes his work this way:

"There is a song in people that when you hit a certain note they light up. Originally I thought it was an individualistic song. Actually, there are a couple songs. When you’re signing this song, people love you and there’s a shift in perspective that occurs. I love when someone tell me something so intimate they can barely share it and then they breath with ease."

Now an internationally-renowned coach, entrepreneur, radio host, and self-renewal expert, with more than three decades of experience, Glenn Brooks is a master at distilling ideas into practical applications and helping his listeners and clients move through perceived blocks to embrace creative solutions. Glenn is on a mission to discover what’s possible beyond possible!

Through “relational intelligence,” Glenn demonstrates how we can all engage in a deeper experience of life. The heart of his work is about helping you to discover your core message and tap into your most authentic self while connecting with the people in your life on the deepest possible level. This practice of living from the inside out creates an amazing shift in life, business, and relationships, and gives you the tools you need to create the life of your dreams.

By living authentically to his beliefs, he has become, not a teacher, but a demonstrator: someone who embodies the essence of Vibrant Living and leads by passionate example.  His genuine caring, devotion to communication, and honed listening skills make him the perfect resource for anyone seeking to become a changemaker in their own life.


Bring the miracle of your vibrant inner spark to life, and transform your life, health, relationships, and creative vision! Vibrant Living isn't about doing more, it's about being more: learning, relating, and creating, together!




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